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I love indulging in the creative process. I have a passion for creating beautiful and detailed works of art in interesting mediums. I especially enjoy illustration, sculpting and painting. For me these three compliment each other. I feel that I cannot be good at one without being proficient at the others. I love illustration because it’s a venue for transferring to paper images that hide inside all corners of my imagination.  I enjoy capturing those images because they make me realize that, as an adult, I can still see a world covered with colors and fantastical beings. My themes are motivated by fairy tales, legends, mythology, imagination, a little bit of reality and a punch of humor.

Sculpting, specially wood carving, is another one of my passions. I can bring characters from my imagination, into a 3-D format. That is the closest I can get to seeing them live.  I sculpt in wood and clay. These two mediums are complete opposites, in one you add material and on the other you subtract.  When I create 3-D work, the work also turns into a canvas ready for painting and it is not until I’ve gone through these three steps: illustration, sculpting and painting that I feel my work is complete. 

In a world where people worry about everything, I hope to create art that helps people turn off their minds and be more relaxed. Encourage them to lower their guard and let their own imaginations take over. Once I get them to that stage, I look to add a little laugh into the mix with works of art that always have a pinch of humor.  Imagination is a mental muscle most people stop working as they grow older and yet it just as important to the brain as good nutrition is to the body. My work aims to correct some of those deficiencies.

I was also blessed with the opportunity to pursue studies in Web Design and Multimedia. This training has been extremely essential, from the business perspective, since I now have the skills necessary to create my own promotional materials. It is another outlet that keeps my creativity flowing. In addition, I like to volunteer my skills to the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club. I design their newsletters and website and I am a committee member that helps with planning of their annual woodcarvers show.

I started carving with the South Shore Woodcarvers in Randolph, MA. My first project was a small dog that I didn’t want to carve. I wanted something more intricate. While it was a wise decision to start small, I felt that I could tackle more complex projects even with less than desirable carving skills. I did not want to use existing carving patterns for any of my projects. Instead, I wanted the challenge of picking a character, from a painting, and making it into a 3-D carving. The more intricate the image, the better. This process taught me well and soon enough I was able to combine my passion for drawing and painting and start designing my own creations. Since then, I’ve been captivated by this art form and I have invested a great deal of time and passion mastering the art.

I truly believe in creative freedom when it comes to art. I try to avoid getting trapped in dogma to realize my artistic concepts; Therefore, it is not unusual for me to sometimes break the traditions of the craft. Some of these actions can often times disqualify me for competitions, keep me outside some woodcarving circles or from well-deserved recognition but I try not to let all the noise take over my own artistic inner voice.  I believe this has helped significantly differentiate my work from that of others.

I believe wood carving is an exceptional skill but when combined with painting skills, it can make a good piece, a fantastic piece. For me one of the most pleasurable parts of the process is the intricate painting and detail. As a wood artist, I enjoy not only carving but also the process. It starts with an idea, which flows into a set of drawings that facilitate the production of a carving, which is then painted and staged. I am proud to have received many grants and awards for my carvings in shows in Massachusetts as well as along the Carolinas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story. If you are interested in my work, please head to the contact page, on this site, for more information.