These are some of the projects I am currently working on. Once these projects are completed they can be found on the ‘woodcarving’ page of this website  or on my ‘Shop’ page. Thanks for visiting my website.

Community Supported Art

Very excited to have been picked as one of the nine artists that will be commissioned to create 50 pieces of artwork to be distributed to collectors at a reception. A big thanks to the Arts & Science council for picking my work.


El Matador (Bullfighter)

Most people look at something and expect it to look a certain way based on what they know. In my work I try to do what is not expected. Bull fighters are very slim and stylish and they are posing all the time, my bull fighter spent more time in the kitchen and less time in the arena. Nonetheless, he is courageous and up to the challenge even when a little mouse imitates him. 


Making Bamboo for Panda

Working on this little Panda. I felt he needed to create some habitat around him so I made some Bamboo trees for the little panda to eat. 


Working on The Rising Musician