My wood sculptures are a labor of love and passion for the craft. I occasionally use power tools, but mostly work with 3 to 4 hand gouges.   Where I differ significantly, from other wood carvers, is on my passion for painting and designing patterns on the carvings. I use the finished carvings as a canvas to create intricate designs with acrylic paints. Carving is a skill but most carvers are afraid of painting their creations. I believe that if carving is a skill, painting a carving is another skill and combined they can create exceptional pieces. Another side of wood artistry, that is rarely seen by the public, is the planning and creation of drawings prior to working with wood. I get so inspired by a concept that often times my pieces end up as completed Ink Illustrations.

In the world of wood carving, what I do raises eyebrows because I break a few of the rules of the craft, like painting and adding materials that might not be wood. Since I don’t believe in restricting creativity, I consider myself not a wood carver but a wood artist. As a wood artist I can let my imagination go wild without restrictions or dogmas. I create concepts in wood and if the wood does not give itself to my concept, I will add other materials when necessary. Enjoy my gallery!







Often times people ask me how long it takes me to create a piece. It varies so I don’t have a definite answer but for me to get to the final piece, I need to create a drawing to visualize the concept. At times I get so inspired by the concept that a drawing ends up being a completed Ink illustration. From the drawings, a front and a side view of the subject will emerge. With these views, I can now start cutting the wood with a bandsaw and rough it out before I actually start carving. Once the subject is fully carved, I sand it and prepare it for painting. For me the carving becomes a canvas that I use to paint intricate designs. But this is still not the final step in the process. The final step is the creation of the environment and securing all the subjects to a wooden base. Only then I can say that a piece is finished.







Out For A Ride

On the surface, a bike ride looks like a simple task. You pick up your bike and go. But nothing is further from the truth. It is not just about the bike. If you want your head protected, you need something on it. If you want your body protected, you need special clothing. If it rains, you need protection and if you want a smooth ride, you want a special kind of bike. This is true today and in the past. So what seems like a simple bike ride becomes a very intricate and complex endeavor. But once you put all the pieces together, you’ll be truly ready to enjoy the experience and just go “Out For A Ride”.

The Lawyer

Roman Archer

Aiming an arrow requires skill but it also requires class. Perfect body form during aim as well as the correct attire for the task are all part of the task. But only one type of archer can achieve both gracefully. They call him the “Roman Archer”.

Gerome The Snake

This guy is laying this way because he believes he is a snake. 

Fish Riders

Going fishing is a fun experience for some. They go out and stay on a boat, sit on a chair and wait to catch a fish, wouldn’t it be better if you could ride the fish you just caught?  It would make the fishing experience more exciting. Instead of sitting on the boat, you are sitting on the fish. Oh well, maybe you just fell asleep, on your chair, waiting to catch a fish and it was all just a good dream.

The Spanish Torero

This torero spent more time in the kitchen than in the arena but little did he know, once out there, that his courage would be challenged, not by the bull, but by a little mouse no taller than his knees.